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Strong efforts have been made since 2006 to establish a new tradition of African Studies in the Czech Republic by organizing annual conferences focused on various disciplines concerning Africa as its main object of study. Since we can see an extensive academic interest in African Studies research in our country, the decision has been made to provide a wider platform for presenting results of primary research. Nowadays, the conference is jointly co-organised by the Cultura Africa association, University of Hradec Králové and the Metropolitan University Prague. 

Format of the Conference

The active participants (paper givers) are anthropologists, historians, linguists, political scientists, sociologists and  other researchers. The conference is open for professors, academic scholars, PhD. students, and other specialists who have Africa as their field of study, and who want to present results of their primary research. Especially M.A. students of African studies are welcome as observers.

The whole conference takes place in the form of plenary sessions. The scientific programme begins with the keynote address by an acknowledged scholar. Clusters of paper presentations follow. Each paper is allocated approx. 20 minutes. The scientific programme of the first day is followed by a toast of welcome, launch of newest books and the reception. 


The language of the conference is English, no translations are provided. The papers are clustered according to the scientific disciplines, i.e. anthropology, history, linguistics, politics, sociology, etc.

Conference fees

There are no conference fees, but the participants are expected to cover their accommodation and travel expenses. A simple meal is served during the coffee breaks.

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Nějaké doplňují informace Twelfth VIVA AFRICA conference invites participants to engage in a discussion of encounters.